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【現貨】Shine the way you are | Dustykid




【現貨】Shine the way you are

Dustykid X 星級補習導師 Miss Whitney,合作塵首本英文書 ── 動人故事與勵志語錄合集💪😇


由Miss Whitney親身撰寫投身教育工作中遇上的勵志小故事!



A book of inspiring stories and quotes

Dustykid X Miss Whitney, founder of Hillstar Education Centre

Welcome to Miss Whitney’s extraordinary classroom with Dustykid!

 Do you ever feel that other people don’t understand you? Do you think you’re better and more capable? Never mind what other people think because the world is your stage and it’s up to you to go on it and let your true colours shine. Better yet, show more appreciation to your peers and let them know their hard work will not go unnoticed.


作者簡介 :

Miss Whitney致力於青年教育工作,為年青人的導師和「同路人」。自2017年創立Hillstar Education曉星教育中心,遇過林林總總的家長和學生,當中所謂「尖子」與「墊底」的學生帶來不少啟示,使她意識到家長的管教方式會直接影響學生的學習態度和表現。她擅於激發學生,並認為學習態度才是決定他們未來路向的重要指標。所以她亦以身作則,常以「同路人」的身份向學生分享經驗,盼以生命影響生命。

About the author :

From her years working in youth development, Miss Whitney has always been a dedicated tutor and youth companion. Since she founded Hillstar Education Centre in 2017, she has learnt that different parenting styles affect the performance and learning attitude of all students. She works closely with parents and always leads by example to show her students that progress is more valuable than achievements because it is where changes in life take place.




About the Illustrator:

Rap Chan, an illustrator and writer based in Hong Kong, created Dustykid in 2013. After suffering a business setback, he began doodling and writing inspirational messages of encouragement, posting his Dusty doodles online to comfort himself. Dustykid is now followed by over 500,000 fans online. The character has not only comforted Rap during his difficult times but today Dustykid is inspiring and encouraging fans around the world.


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